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Illinois Commerce Commission Intrastate Authority 

Motor carriers must operate in compliance with the Illinois Commercial Transportation Law, and at A&E we can help make sure you are in compliance with all laws and regulations.

What is the ICC?

The ICC ensures public safety and administers consumer protection programs with regard to intrastate commercial motor carriers of general freight, household goods movers, relocation towers, safety towers, personal property warehouses, repossession agencies and personnel, and general safety of railroad tracks, facilities and equipment in the State.

What do I need to meet ICC Regulations?

Anyone engaged in for-hire transportation of property, other than household goods, over public roads in intrastate commerce in Illinois must obtain a Public Carrier Certificate from the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Get in contact with us today to begin the process so that you and your company are meeting state regulations.


We will need to know your Company's info as well as the type of commodities being transported, and the kind of operations being conducted (both interstate and intrastate.)


We will complete the application for your Public Carrier Certificate, which will allow you to meet Illinois regulations so that you can conduct business. 

Ready To Get Started?

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