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Additional Services


Contact us for strategic business management planning or generalized operational questions.

Heavy Highway Use Tax
2290 Forms

Vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more are required to pay an annual tax. Taxes due June 30th. Rates are based on fleet size. 

Safety Management Plans

After an audit by the DOT, you may be required to write a Safety Management Plan or SMP. Let us craft an SMP that will get your company back up and running. 

Title Transfers
Title Transfers

Purchasing a new car, truck or trailer can be exciting but the paperwork can be stressful. We transfer titles with a hassle free- 24 hour turnaround time. 

Illinois Commerce Commission Intrastate Authority 

Intrastate Carriers for-hire performing transportation services may apply for a Public Carrier Certificate to be sales tax exempt on purchases of tractors, trailers and parts.

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